About Us

About Us

Shaw Abrams

Shawn Abrams has spent much of my adult life leading, teaching, and coaching others in the military, performing prison ministry, and working in shelters in NYC.

He is a teacher, teaching what the Holy Spirit has taught him, and what he has learned in the wilderness – multiple times.

More About Us

Empowering Growth and Transformation

Next 5 Minutes

Next 5 Minutes is social media with a conscience. To date, it produced 60+ videos with 500K+ views. N5M is a one-of-a-kind, stand-alone platform that connects with a wide array of viewers.

abramsrising aka Next 5 Minutes store

abramsrising aka Next 5 Minutes store, is the newest member of the family. It gives subscribers/viewers a chance to make the experience a little more personal for them or someone they care about.


abramsIndex is the official blog of abrams360media.com. After a long hiatus, it was relaunched in the description box of N5M video sessions. Its new home allows abrams to expound on the current topic and/or other topics of interest. Welcome back abramsIndex!

Our Team

InnovateNation: Forward Thinkers Unite

Emily Sanchez

Content Creator & Social Media Manager

David Lee

Blog Editor & Writer

Sarajh Johnson

Customer Experience Specialist

Why Choose Us

Reasons That Make Us Different

Choosing abrams360media means opting for expertise, impactful content, and personalized experiences. Led by Shawn Abrams, whose extensive background spans military leadership, prison ministry, and shelter work in NYC, our organization embodies a commitment to service and knowledge. Our flagship platform, Next 5 Minutes, transcends conventional social media, offering over 60 thought-provoking videos with a collective viewership of over 500K. It’s a unique space for genuine connections and meaningful discourse, resonating with a diverse audience. With the introduction of AbramsRising Store, we extend this commitment to personalization, providing curated items to enhance your experience. Additionally, our relaunched blog, abramsIndex, delves into relevant topics, fostering continued engagement and learning. Choose abrams360media for a transformative journey of teaching, healing, and leadership development.


What Our Clients Say

John Smith

“Shawn Abrams’ leadership books are invaluable guides, reflecting wisdom gleaned from real-world experiences. Next 5 Minutes provides a community of support and inspiration.”

Rachel Thompson

“Next 5 Minutes stands out in the social media landscape for its conscientious approach. Working with Emily and her team has been a pleasure, fostering genuine connections and meaningful conversations.”

Mark Davis

“abramsIndex offers compelling insights in concise, digestible doses. David’s writing captivates, making it a must-read destination for me.”

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