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Next 5 Minutes is a unique platform, serving as social media with a conscience. With over 60 videos and 500K+ views, it stands as a one-of-a-kind resource. Connecting with a broad audience, it offers engaging content that resonates deeply.

Trust God Don’t Trust the Situation
How Satan Affects Our Relationships, Future, and Warfare
Divine Teaching Warning Judgment Testing
Is Love an Illusion?
Take Et al
Jesus Put Me Down
Undo Wrong Thinking
Halt And Catch Fire (a seed grows in Brooklyn)
Christians Devided
Astrology | Clandestine Churches | Truth
Airplane Short / Next 5 Minutes
God Promises You By The FirePlace
Spiritual Warfare Master Class
Spiritual Warfare Essentials
Curse Breaker To PeaceKeeper
Holy Spirit Teach Me
Adversity Is Power
Mr Putin End This War
Frenemy 3 Watchmen on the Wall
God Is Not The Universe


What Our Clients Say

John Smith

“Shawn Abrams’ leadership books are invaluable guides, reflecting wisdom gleaned from real-world experiences. Next 5 Minutes provides a community of support and inspiration.”

Rachel Thompson

“Next 5 Minutes stands out in the social media landscape for its conscientious approach. Working with Emily and her team has been a pleasure, fostering genuine connections and meaningful conversations.”

Mark Davis

“abramsIndex offers compelling insights in concise, digestible doses. David’s writing captivates, making it a must-read destination for me.”

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