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Your Leadership and Relationship Resource

Your Leadership and Relationship Resource

Your Leadership and Relationship Resource Your Leadership and Relationship Resource Your Leadership and Relationship Resource

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The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership. Shawn Abrams. Officide. 7 Epaulettes of Leadership. Shawn Abrams

The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership

Most people will tell you they're a leader, but most people can't define leadership. So, where did they get leadership training if they can't define it? How do they teach it to others?

Most people get relationship training from the person they're in a relationship with - they learn lessons  along the way. And they might try to get over past relationships with new ones. Note: Someone who loves you will make space in between loving for teaching and learning.   

See what so many people have learned and benefited from!

  The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership is a first of its kind book. It effectively addresses and shines a light on the two areas of your life that can cost you the most. They are Leadership and Relationships. If you’re leading people without the benefit of relationship, you could be bullying them, and if you’re loving people without the benefit of relationship, you could be lonely.
Most people will tell you they’re a leader, but few people can define leadership. How can we maintain the integrity of it or even recognize it without being able to define it? More importantly, how can we teach it if we can’t define it? Your organization has multiple levels of people and there must be Continuity of Leadership through them. This represents an intangible ‘throughline’ that your profits and productivity will follow because the people that work for you are affected by it. 

• How effectively are you leading your purpose and managing your principles?

• What are the signs of cross-coaching, and how to protect your team from it?

• Are people following you or just following your orders?

• Are we complaining or campaigning our way to success?

• How does Leadership differ from Applied Leadership?

• Are your relationships scalable?

• Can your relationships be described as situational or conditional?

• Workplace culture and time – are they your supportive companions or unforgiving adversaries?

• What’s your nomenclature?

• Continuity of Leadership Chain

Shawn Abrams
Leading in the First Person
The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership 

We're not really leading people. We're leading relationships with people. 

Leading Your Relationships: Video 17a (over 24k views)

Shawn Abrams is the author of "The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership" and "Leading in the First Person."

His aim is to better equip leaders with the teaching and resources they need to be successful. 

Whether you lead or love people, you won't have success with them without relationship!  Leading and loving will command the greatest portion of your resources. The aim of the video is to help us to more efficiently utilize them.

The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership Book Cover | Shawn Abrams | Officide

What is officide?

You need to know about this as it is important to the health of your team and your career.

Shawn Abrams Viral Leadership
Officide | Open Concept Relationship 

The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership

The Book

Delivers Emotional Intelligence techniques in everyday relatable ways. What's the most important concerns to your team right now? Do you know how your team defines success? 

Ask your team members how they define leadership, if they struggle to do this, and you think you're a good/great leader, they may have some resentments towards you.  If they don't know leadership, how can they identify it. 

The Movement

Is apolitical. It is  far reaching and soul searching. Before you lead others you should lead yourself. Few people receive coaching, mentoring, and teaching leading up to a personal relationship, or out of a bad one. They have the hope that the next relationship will heal the last one. This doesn't work. It would be better to lead ourselves. Getting into a relationships is not as hard as getting out of them, but maintaining a relationship is the most difficult thing to do. It's okay if we have shortcomings, so long as we are saleable in the ways that are advantageous for leadership and relationships. But we should not seek to join with others to create scalable relationships if we refuse to grow. 

The Scope

Utilize the six degrees of separation between us to connect us for the expressed purpose of raising well-adjusted leaders with the intestinal fortitude to  consistently and effectively exhibit The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership 

Situational Awareness

The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership 
Shawn Abrams
Leadership books

Please stay home at this time

The Coronavirus is deadly serious. Medical experts caution us to wash our hands frequently and maintain a social distance of 6 feet from other people.  Poor leadership got us to this point. Someone should have known that it was dangerous to keep animals that can transmit a dangerous virus without proper handling. Someone should not have suppressed the problem when it surfaced. Someone should have believed the reports that this could become a  pandemic. Someone should have put a plan into place to protect us quicker. This is called vision. It's the ability to look ahead into the future,  prepare people today for that future, and take into account similar events of the past. I don't suggest we rally around fear or the problem, but we do need someone to rally us, and and the appropiate resources needed to bring resolution to this pandemic. That's a leader. 


Potential > Problems

Potential is not the ability to do good things. It is the ability to overcome problems.  That's what you're hiring for. That's what you base your personal relationships on. Think about a relationship that started out loving, and then ended in a break-up. The love that was in the beginning wasn't enough to repair the breach. And so, the start of a relationship should be predicated on potential, not love - that will come in time.

Potential is greater than problems.

Maintaining impactful relationships will keep your team engaged with your vision long after the meeting ends 

-  abrams

Leading in the First Person

Leading in the First Person 
Shawn Abrams

Book Summary

Leading in the First Person is a must read for those in leadership positions, as well as those who aspire to leadership in any aspect of their lives. Leading in the First Person explores leadership on a personal and experiential level. People want to have a genuine relationship with their leader, and to be aligned with their leaders’ vision. Equally important is the understanding of the vision and aspirations of those you lead. You will be a successful leader if you can show how your employees’ vision, and your vision, connect and align. Now, it's not your vision - it's our vision! Our vision is harder to walk away from. Our vision is easier for us to buy into. Our vision increases productivity and mitigates turnover. Ask all your direct reports these two questions with respect to their work: What is your vision? What is your expectation? Understanding and supporting these critical aspects of your employees’ personal aspirations will engender greatly improved working relationships, and collaboration. This book was written with this mission in mind; to provide you with practical insights which will result in win-win leadership solutions!! What is teamwork? What is relationship?

Book Review


This is a must read for anyone new to a leadership position or those who aspire to achieve that responsibility. Experienced leaders/managers would do well by reading this book and doing a little self-evaluation. 

I have known Shawn for eight years and had the pleasure to directly observe his performance and leadership for two years. In this book Shawn does a great job of stressing the importance of relationships to leadership and his grasp of the difference between directions and motivation should resonate with anyone in a managerial position. 

I strongly recommend this book and look forward to Mr. Abrams second offering 

Thomas A Moreau SgtMaj. USMC (ret)


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