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This is the leadership/relationship book that no one else would write but everyone should read. 

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This is a must read for anyone new to a leadership position or those who aspire to achieve that responsibility. Experienced leaders/managers would do well by reading this book and doing a little self-evaluation. 

I have known Shawn for eight years and had the pleasure to directly observe his performance and leadership for two years. In this book Shawn does a great job of stressing the importance of relationships to leadership and his grasp of the difference between directions and motivation should resonate with anyone in a managerial position. 

I strongly recommend this book and look forward to Mr. Abrams second offering 

Thomas A Moreau SgtMaj. USMC (ret)


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About The Book

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Summary About the Book

Leading in the First Person is a must read for those in leadership positions, as well as those who aspire to leadership in any aspect of their lives. Leading in the First Person explores leadership on a personal and experiential level. People want to have a genuine relationship with their leader, and to be aligned with their leaders’ vision. Equally important is the understanding of the vision and aspirations of those you lead. You will be a successful leader if you can show how your employees’ vision, and your vision, connect and align. Now, it's not your vision - it's our vision! Our vision is harder to walk away from. Our vision is easier for us to buy into. Our vision increases productivity and mitigates turnover. Ask all your direct reports these two questions with respect to their work: What is your vision? What is your expectation? Understanding and supporting these critical aspects of your employees’ personal aspirations will engender greatly improved working relationships, and collaboration. This book was written with this mission in mind; to provide you with practical insights which will result in win-win leadership solutions!! 

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