3D Relationships

Check out this great video in this installment we'll identify levels (Dimensions) of relationship. We need to know where we stand with people in order to maintain or grow our relationships with them. Applying leadership without relationship is bullying. Certified Life Coach, Leala Wingfield is featured on the Leaderboard |  Yourlifejourneywithleala.com

Viral Leadersihp | Video #6

In this installment, Abrams talks about how a positive or negative mindset can become viral in the workplace. Special Mention: Lisa Sorin, President, The Bronx Chamber of Commerce |Bronxchamber.org 

Host: Shawn Abrams Twitter Handle: @abrams360media Website: abrams360media.com Email: Feedback@abrams360media.com

Setup For Conflict/ Step Up To Resolution

March On Purpose

Check out this great video