Leading in the First Person: Book: Shawn Abrams Did You Know?


The book was intended to have 32 chapters. Shawn wrote 22, and then decided on the 12 we see today.

Leading in the First Person was an international affair! Typesetting for the book was done in Kenya, book cover design came from a Austrian studio, website design came from a designer based in Pakistan, Logo's used for the book came from an artist based in Indonesia and the press release was managed by a UK based consultant.

The book was intended to have a codex  but it was wasn't finished in time for the book release. 

Shawn was impressed by rapper, Rakim's style of rapping which he credited to Saxophonist, John Coltrane. Rakim tried to rhyme in cadence the way that Coltrane played the sax. Shawn tried to write in cadence. The practice wasn't as easy as the idea. While this was attempted in many chapters, it would not be maintained. 

Shawn likes redundancy! All the major and minor themes in the book are repeated. He worked hard not to make them so obvious. 

The original color scheme for the book was teal and orange. 

Shawn is a huge Sade fan! She is on his playlist along with: Flavour, Angie Stone, Nirvana, Bruno Mars and Martha Munizzi. It changes but right now this is on.

Shawn wrote the entire book in Microsoft Word. He bought software designed to write book in but it proved too long a learning curve. Shawn used his cell phone to write 10% of the material. 

The Lead statements on the cover represent what a leader should do. The title of the book represents the individual leader. The Lead statements are more important than the leader, and so they would rightfully be placed above the title of the book. - shawn abrams

The book was leaked before it was released which resulted in website visits and inquiries. 

This website is not completely built out as of yet. Stay close as there will be more exciting news to share!