About the Book and the Author

Leading In The First Person by Shawn Abrams

The man on the manuscript logo  represents the volumes he can write.

This book represents a movement of leaders who are not afraid to lead themselves first and others well!

This is Shawn's first book. He has served his country, his community and now he wants to serve leaders the world over with this message: Lead In The First Person. He is passionate about leadership, relationships, business development and customer service.  

Summary about book


Don’t live your day, lead your day! 

Don’t follow your problems, lead them to resolution!

Don’t just parent your children, lead them!

Don’t find someone else to lead you, lead yourself!

Make your next goal to read and implement the findings of  this book!


Leadership is a skill that not everyone has. But it is a skill that can be taught and learned and constantly improved upon, given the right direction. Good leadership can save companies and relationships. 

Learn the difference between managers and leaders. 

In his book, Leading in the First Person, Shawn Abrams uses the experiences he has gathered through several years of army service, working in corporate America and through non-profit work as well, to show you what it means to lead!

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This book will explore why leaders fail. Develop and improve your team’s performance by

improving your relationships with them. Identify ways leaders sabotage their success.

Shawn Abrams, Author and Host of Leading in the First Person

Purpose & Principle

Purpose versus Principle 

I want to introduce two very important words at this point. They are Purpose and Principle. In the context of our workplace, purpose is what we’ve been hired to do, and principle is the system of beliefs that you develop in pursuit of your purpose. 

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